Birthday Week Celebration – Day 4

OH NO!!! The SS Write Cafe hit some bad weather while everyone was sleeping and now we are

Shipwrecked on a Tropical Island

Wait…that really doesn’t suck at all!!

Okay sure, we can’t drink the salt water but I think…oh yes we certainly did…we have run ashore on the Isle of Esme from Breaking Dawn! LOOK! The Cullen’s tropical mansion!

No one seems to be home at the moment but I wonder if they would mind us all camping out here for a while?

Anyone have an issue with this?

Good thing William Golding decided to join the cruise yesterday. Will be good to have someone with island experience with us.

So the good news is, the Brazilian island is void of sparkly vampires and broody teenage wanna-be vampires (for now) BUT the bad news is, the cleaning crew won’t be back on the island to help fix the boat until morning.

Any idea’s how we can make the best of it?

Anyone see anything we could occupy ourselves with for the next 24 hours?

Do we have any island books we can reference? Treasure Island? The Island? Nims Island? Galapagos?

William…please sit down…we see you.

Mystery around every corner. This could be interesting.

*tip toes across the beach*

Choose your Own Party! Each comment below will earn you another entry in the prize draw being held on October 23rd. Prizes will be announced October 24th.

  • Brian Knight – e-copy of Born of Blood (to be delivered upon publication
  • Anthony Schiavino and Marco Roblin – an original piece of art by Marco Roblin based on Anthony Schiavino’s Sergeant Zero comic
  • Nancy Medina (aka Lissette E. Manning) – An e-book gift basket with all 3 of Lissette’s titles included: Stuck, Closure andCompromise of the Soul
  • Amelia James – Your choice of 1 of Amelia’s titillating titles
  • Peter Smalley – e-copy of his latest, the anthologie 20,001: A Steampunk Odyssey
  • Jessica Surely – 1 year physical and digital subscription to Atlantic Monthly
  • Dee Garretson – an e-copy of The Gargoyle in the Seine
  • Antonio Guadagno – 4 copies of The Dark Lands: Miami Sunset (ePub or Mobi, DRM-free) and one lucky winner will get a pre-release copy of The Dark Lands: The Big Easy (Episode 2, ePub or Mobi, DRM-free) AND a copy of The Dark Lands: Miami Sunset(ePub or Mobi, DRM-free)
  • Samantha Warren – All 4 novella’s in The Jane Series
  • Jason Vanhee – The winner has their choice of any one of Jason’s great titles: NeverDaughter of CleopatraLast Days of Atlantis

Not sure how to enjoy a virtual party?

It’s simple:

#1 – read the setting

#2 – use your imagination

#3 – type out your creative ideas in the comment section below (each comment is an entry in to the prize draw)

#4 – keep the browser open

#5 – interact with others by commenting on what they are “doing” (again, each comment is an entry in to the prize draw)

#6 – be silly and just have fun🙂

18 thoughts on “Birthday Week Celebration – Day 4

  1. Let me see:

    White sandy beaches – check
    Tropical Island get-a-way – check
    Possible full moon at night – check
    Large fire burning by the beach – check
    Cool breeze coming off the water – check
    A nice beverage in hand – check.

    I don’t know, there could be a courageous individual at the party that might ask the birthday girl for a stroll along the beach at sunset. Be careful though because you can’t see them sparkle at night.

    As for the rest of us….it’s CONGA TIME!!

    • I think Gilligan ate all the coconuts and I’m not about to venture in to the wilderness…William Golding is here and smiling in that weird “I know something you don’t” kind of way!

  2. *grabs a sharp pointy stick from the SS Write Cafe before heading ashore*

    Oh, this? No, no. It’s not for the sparkly vampires. It’s for that horribly fake human that follows them around and makes them rescue her all the time. I figure if she’s gone, I won’t get dragged to the opening of Breaking Dawn.

    *shudders at the thought of paying to wait in line with emo teens for hours just to watch the worse actor in this century*

  3. rum is for drinking… & warm, white sand beaches were made for love. You guys know what I’ll be up to till our ship sails…

  4. Oh I see the conga line has taken a turn for the….better as things get more….interesting. I believe love is in the air and alcohol is in the blood. This is a dangerous combination. Is that a bathing suit on top of the shelter to the spring?

  5. The mansion must have a bar… Right? I’m sure it’s got all kinds of exotic liquers and probably cocktail glasses too. White beaches automatically go with cocktails.

    If you want me, you can find me there.

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