The Unexpected Outcome

For the last hour, I have been staring at my posts on The Write Cafe, reflecting on where my writing life has lead.

Anyone who is close to me or follows this blog (which has been stalled for 6 months…shame on me), knows I worked for two years on a children’s novel with great excitement and expectation. The editing process was brutal but essential. I pressed on through the initial storm and sent my work out for professional edits.

My expectation for this book was that I would complete the editing process and send it out to publishers who would then breathe life into my story.

But the unexpected happened.

The professional editor returned my work. I attended to the few suggested edits.

The book was complete.

I thought I would have this overwhelming urge to send it out. I thought I would want to get those publishers jazzed about the “next up-and-coming author”.

But I didn’t.

I even began to realize that, perhaps, my novel wasn’t appropriate for middle aged children.

Now, I am notorious for self-doubt. Most of you would think this was just another manifestation of my low self-esteem, but I didn’t feel that way either.

I was more troubled by my lack of ambition to move my work forward than I was about my ability as a writer.

How can someone commit two plus years of their life to a project and have no desire to see it through?

God has a funny way of speaking to me. Knowing that He made me as stubborn as my mother, He tends to teach me things over a very long time.

It was around the same time I tabled my novel, that I began to realize where I have been called to serve.

The plight of victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation, has gripped me in a way I have never experienced. Almost daily, I am confronted with the need to see change in this area and compelled to take action.

When I say, “God has a funny way of speaking to me”, I mean it.

It was less than a year ago that I learned the truth about Human Trafficking, and yet, I have been writing a novel about that very issue for over two years! I just hadn’t put two and two together! What’s even more hilarious (in a “ah ha” kind of way) is that the idea for my novel was spawned in my childhood!

When I look back on my life and everything that has happened to this point, I realize that God really has been preparing me for my greater purpose since I was born. Think that’s a far stretch?…call me…we’ll chat.

The expected outcome of writing my novel was the typical (and rather mundane in a sense) expectation of any writer. However, just as a story can evolve into something unexpected, even by the author, so can our lives.

This novel may never see a printing press or fill a bookshelf, but it has served a greater purpose. It provided me with confirmation of my greater purpose.

“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.” ~ C.S. Lewis

Love and Hugs Friends.


I quit my job yesterday. After two years on casual assignment, I am leaving for a permanent placement in an organization where my passion for people will thrive. While I am feeling the familiar pains of having to say goodbye and the fear of the unknown, I am excited for a new beginning.

When considering all of the possibilities before me in this new position, I became reflective (as I tend to do) about all of the beginnings I have experienced this year.

For the first time in my life, I witnessed the beginning of new life.  And I mean I WITNESSED it! All of it! And when I came to from passing out, I got to see this beautiful little girl who had her entire life ahead of her (and the laughing face of my best friend who thought it was a riot that I passed out and she did the work LOL).

At the end of August, I began the journey of home ownership, mortgage payments, utility bills and DIY home improvement. I’m sure there will be a point where the gas bill comes and I won’t get giddy about paying it but this beginning, for me, represents so much more than just four walls and a roof. It represents the end of dependency on others and the beginning of true independence. It represents dreams fulfilled and the power behind a determined heart. This success is proof (to myself) that I can have anything I want and put my mind to. It’s just the beginning of many more dreams come true.

Another beginning this year was the beginning of a new business. Most of you know that a 9-5 doesn’t typically suit my personality or passions. My heart beats for writing and helping others. By starting my new business, I’ve found the motivation (and funds) to have my novel professionally edited and to investigate a future beginning in charitable works. Through this business, I am helping others to realize their aspirations and I am meeting so many like minded individuals who will keep me focused and eventually lead me towards the freedom to pursue writing and my charities full-time.

So here I am, four business days away from another new beginning and the year isn’t even over yet.

I use to be scared of beginnings. Most beginnings come on the tail of an ending. Some endings can be rather traumatic and it can take a while to recover. But, even in these situations I’ve learned that endings are essential for developing who we really are and achieving greatness.

Beginnings in life are like writing a new novel. You start with an idea of what you want and where you want to go, you experience some unexpected twists and turns (some that may hurt your ego a bit), but if you keep working through it and stay focused on what you want (a completed masterpiece of course), something great will come of it.

Happy writing my dears🙂


Wh…Wh…Where Am I?

HOLY SMOKES!! It’s already Fall! Where on earth did the summer go and where the heck have I been?

OH I KNOW! Here’s a quick glimpse of the last month and a half to catch you up on my gossip🙂

new home

Got my keys


Packed my life

Destroyed office with misbehaving washer

pinteresting inspiration obsession

(Don’t judge me…i’m thrify)

Canvass art

Coffee Bag…bag :s

Black and White chair makeover

Chair and mirror makeover

Antique flower box

Bookshelves :s

Drop cloth curtains

Tin Planter

smashy smashy

(I love watching cars smash in to each other!)



Zoom! Smash!

Woohoo! Derby!!

So, that’s been my life in a nutshell.

Writing has been at an all-time low as I try to organize my house and find a cozy little writing nook, but I AM BACK!! I am committed to getting this work of love finished and out into the world! It took a lot of self-talk and encouragement from friends to get over my discouragement but, once again, I feel recharged and ready to go!

Hope you are all well.

Happy Writing!